Bluetooth headphones are everywhere, it seems that everyone has been buying a pair these days. But picking one for yourself can be very challenging because there are so many options. The best thing to follow in such a situation is a buying guide for Bluetooth headphones. Read ahead to know exactly what to look for and what are the benefits and disadvantages of different types of headphones.

Here are some of the things we check when reviewing bluetooth headphones:


There are three types of headphones based on shape. Read ahead to know them in detail and which one you should buy.

  • In-ears: The in-ear Bluetooth headphone is also referred to as earbuds. It is one of the smallest and most portable type or earphones to be sold in the market right now. The working is very simple. Each earbud fits into your ear canal and is usually sized 8-10 mm. The buds draw power from small drivers that are fitted with the headphone. The biggest benefit of this type of headphone is that it can be stored easily and is a great option when there is any travel plan involved. It should be seen that the buds are made to fit well. In case they don’t, there is a high possibility that they may fall off. 
  • On-ears: As the name suggests, on-ear headphones are placed over the ears. When compared to in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones are bigger. This is one of the most common types of headphones seen. A headband keeps the two ear cups held together, and this band is stretchable. Usually, it uses 30-40mm drivers. The biggest advantage of investing in on-ear headphones is that it is very comfortable and can be folded away when it is not used. One drawback of on-ears is that it may not be comfortable for long use since the ear cups rest on the ears and may feel heavy after a time. 
  • Over-ears: Considered to be one of the most comfortable types of headphones, over-ear headphones are the biggest in terms of shape. They have large driver casings, and the ear cups are held together by a headband. However, the main difference between on-ears and over-ears is that the initiative rests on the ears while the latter covers it completely. The sound is very clear and louder, owing to the 45mm drivers of over-ears. However, a major con of this subtype is that it is the least portable and most suited for home use or office use only. 


Battery life is one of the most important determinants in buying new Bluetooth headphones. It is not possible to constantly be next to a plug point and charge the headphones. The most common range of battery life right now is five to eight hours with one charge. It is an average time usability that is provided by almost every item in the market at this point. There are definitely flagship over-ear sets that offer twenty-five to thirty hours of playback but are extremely expensive.

Most headphones come with a charger. For example, the Apple air-pods come with a case with extra charge.

Latency and delay between video and sound

There should be a delay between the video and sound. Sometimes, it has been noted that the sound comes a moment later than the scene in the video. It ruins the entire experience of watching anything. This is why it is important to ensure that the headphones have zero delays. The sound quality is very important, and the headphones must support high quality only. Otherwise, spending so much on the piece will actually be waste.


Your headphones might not be just meant for listening to music, playing games, and watching videos. Another important feature is to talk over it. With so many calls coming in, using the mobile phone or having a video chat over the laptop can be stressful for the ears. This is why it is recommended to buy Bluetooth headphones that will enable calling. The headphone should have a built-in microphone that facilitates call answering and talking. Without the microphone, the headphone is only partially useful. It should have noise-canceling features so that the external noises can be filtered out.

For driving:

Using headphones while driving can be very tricky. The first question to ask is that can the headphone be used with just one ear? In most of the Bluetooth headphones, it is mandatory for both the earbuds to be plugged in. Only then the sound comes. However, if the need is to use it while driving, then it is important to look for something suits your needs. Please note that this does not promote putting on headphones while driving in any way. It is always recommended to avoid using any such distractive devices while driving in order to prevent accidents.

For sports:

Sports headphones are considered to be one of the most common types of headphones. In fact, the best sports headphones are now made available wireless. When buying an item for sports purposes, the headphone needs to be sweat-proof and waterproof. Only then, it can be used at the gym, while running or biking. A number of products have an open or semi-open design that enables the user to be safe on the roads and hear car honks. However, a downside of the open design is that it can be distracting when working out in a noisy environment. Extras to be considered are the heart-rate sensor and a carrying case.

This is all there is to consider when buying a new pair of Bluetooth headphones. Some other points to keep in mind are the budget, the after-sale service, the reputation of the company as well as the purpose of purchase. Once all this is sorted, buying a final piece should not be difficult at all. People who are technology freaks can keep different headphones for different days, moods, and outfits. This handy pocket buyers’ guide is available all the time for any further queries.