3 Best DeWALT Impact Driver Reviews For 2020

DeWALT is a brand name most DIYers and professionals swear by, and nobody could blame them. Known around the world as one of the best manufacturers of power tools that are high quality and high performance. Tradesmen, homeowners, and contractors. We reviewed many of them and narrowed it down to 3 that you cannot go wrong with.

Our Favorite Picks

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Our rating: 4.8/5
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Our rating: 4.3/5
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Detailed Reviews

1. Best Overall

DeWALT Impact Driver DCF888B

The DeWALT DCF888B Impact Driver became our top pick for several reasons: brushless, max speed, number of speed settings, weight and size, and the customizable feature from Tool Connect™.

Contractors with many workers will love this tool as it has the “last seen” feature, where you can track where the tool was last used. This means less time looking for lost tools, and holds workers accountable for time and for the tool itself. With complete Bluetooth controls through Tool Connect™, the tool allows you to adjust torque, speed, and the LED light brightness, allowing for handy work when preciseness is necessary. Some of the features that the tool allows you to monitor include the number of trigger pulls, the temperature, and the overall run time of the tool itself. With all those intriguing features, we’ll also remind you that it is brushless.

At just under 3 pounds, it limits the fatigue of a hard day’s work. The compact size, just 5.3” from front to back, allows you to get in places that have been impossible in the past. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the “Disable” feature, which allows you to deter unauthorized use or even theft. Anyone that can operate a smartphone can use all the features of the Tool Connect™ app, as it has Bluetooth connectivity and is very easily used once the app is downloaded.

Overall, this DeWALT impact driver is the best.
It delivers all the old features and reliability of an impact driver, with new Tool Connect™ tech features to offer up options that make it customizable to your specific needs.


  • Made in USA
  • Brushless motor for better battery life
  • Disable mode deters theft/unauthorized use
  • Adjustable LED brightness to reduce glare
  • Adjustable speeds for precise work
  • Bluetooth compatibility for easy smartphone use
  • Customizable features for your specific needs


  • A few ounces heavier than others

2. Best Value

DeWALT Impact Driver DCF887B

When deciding which products are best, simple things can make the difference. In this case, the DeWALT Impact Driver DCF887B was just behind the innovative Tool Connect™ features and one other small detail of the DCF888B. The DCF887B’s ¼” chuck has a slight wobble to it.

Most impact drivers have a slight wobble because of the “impact” motion, but this one seems different; however, it does not affect the tool’s operation.

The DCF887B did match up almost exactly to the DCF888B in dimension and comes in at lower (2 pounds) weight than the DCF888B. With three manual speed settings that allow adjustment to 1,000, 2,800, or 3,250 RPM, this tool allows precise work when needed. It is not as customizable as the DCF888B in that way. With the same brushless technology as the DCF888B, the motor is just as efficient.

For most DIYers, the DCF887B might be the “Best for the Money” purchase.
Contractors and construction workers will benefit more from the DCF888B technologically, and that puts the DCF887B just a step behind the battle of the best DeWALT impact drivers.


  • Light weight (2 pounds)
  • 3 adjustable speeds for better control
  • Brushless motor for better battery life


  • Wobble on chuck out of the box
  • Setting #1 very slow
  • Setting #2 too strong for delicate work
  • Setting #3 very close to the same torque as #2 setting

3. Best Combo Kit


The DCK240C2 combo kit is a great kit for anyone working on a DIY basis. The DCF885B DeWALT impact driver included in this kit was among the best on the market just a few years ago. The new technology of the brushless motors makes the old brush-driven motors difficult to rate on a higher level.

The DCF885B is just under 3 pounds and has many of the same torque, impacts per minute, and rpm ratings as its brushless counterparts. However, the brush-driven motor will cause the battery use time and battery lifespan to be shorter, as well as shortening the motor lifespan itself.

The head length of 5.55 inches is still small enough to use in tight spaces. The LED lights allow visibility in dark areas, similar to the other tools here. Getting the DCD771 DeWALT ½” drill as the companion piece make this a great buy. Again, it is a brush-driven tool, and this keeps it from the top ratings of today’s comparisons, but the DCD771 is a dependable drill for DIYers.

Both tools use the 20v Lithium-Ion battery, which is interchangeable with almost all newer DeWALT cordless power tools. The best feature of this combo kit is the carry bag, and we all know the value in that.

Overall, a DIYer would enjoy and get many years of service from this kit.
The drill and impact driver together make it a great value. Contractors might want to spend just a bit more money and upgrade to the brushless technology, though.


  • Lightweight
  • LED lighting on impact driver
  • Keyless chuck on drill
  • Drill has adjustable chuck torque
  • 20v MAX interchangeable battery system
  • Convenient carrying case


  • Not a brushless motor
  • 1.3 ah battery
  • Torque ft/lbs. not as high as others


After carefully considering all the DeWALT impact driver options, we chose the DCF888B. The overall innovation of the tool with the Tool Connect™ features put it just a few steps ahead of the other DeWALT offerings. Because the DCF888B has features that are programmable from your smartphone, and is Bluetooth compatible and has push-to-sync technology, it was an easy choice. Being able to lock the tool from anyone else’s use or in case of theft sold it to us. The DCF887B was hard to overlook, but the techie geek factor sold the DCF888B over it. The motor, battery, and speed adjustment make it one of the best impact drivers on the market.

The DCF887B will be a great tool for anyone, DIYer or full-time construction worker. The brushless motor makes for great longevity, as is evident with the three-year warranty DeWALT puts on it.  You simply cannot go wrong with either of these two tools.

The DCK240C2 fell lower because neither tool in the kit is brushless. This would make a good companion toolkit for a contractor or construction worker, but it would not be the best available. It is a very nice and reliable kit.  A few years ago, it would have been among the best of the best.  However, time and technology has passed it by, and for just a few dollars more you can own the tools that are second to none.

DeWALT has been a leader in the industry for years, and with products like these, it will continue to carry on in that manner. We hope you now have a better understanding of the company’s lineup, and that we have helped you work through its many options.

Buying guide

When considering any DeWALT impact driver, or any other tool for that matter, the general rule of thumb is to consider power, torque, speed, hammer action, and ergonomic comfort. Many other features can be considered, such as Tool Connect™, LED lights, and belt hooks, and in most cases, price will be a factor. In the impact driver category of tools, it is imperative that you watch out for certain things.

High on our list is the brushless motor. The advent of the brushless motor has meant great improvement in the longevity of battery life and usage. Another consideration is the power supply: 18v, 20v, 28v, etc. It is also a must to consider the amp hour rating. DeWALT produces a variety of batteries in the 20V MAX system. The amp hour ratings begin with a 1.3 and move forward to 3, 5, 6, and 9. If you wish to use the FLEX VOLT system, you can get a 12ah rating. The brushless system’s amp draw is considerably less than its predecessors, and therefore allows you a greater work time on a full battery charge.

Torque is another important factor. The top two compared impact drivers rate at approximately 1825 in/lbs. or around 140 ft/lbs. This rating is right in line with most other options out there. While considering torque is important, you must consider the RPM as well. That is where the DCF888B is best, as it can be electronically controlled from 0 to 3250. The DCF887B has 3 settings that allow 3 controls along with the variable speed trigger. It also is 0 to 3250 when set to the various speeds of 1 through 3. The DCK204C driver comes in at just under 115 ft/lbs.

The most important factor is your own personal need. If you are going to build a few steps or a small deck, the DCK240C2 will be reliable and help you finish the job easily. If you are going to be building a house, consider one of the upgraded tools.

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