We're Mevin

The internet offers millions of results, we're here to help you narrow it down to the top 10 that match your needs.

About us

Born out of the need to simplify purchasing decisions, our goal is to provide reliable information about consumer electronics and web services.

Driven by the fear of missing out on a better deal or being stuck in analysis paralysis researching minute details, researching products and services can be a time costly thing.
This is where Mevin, from the Yeddish Meyven, meaning “one who understands”, we’re here to simplify the tedious research process and point you to products that meet your needs.

In order to match you with the best product for you, we source information for hundreds of products in each category we review, based on all available user reviews we score each product on features that you are looking for.

How it works:

      1. Define what you’re looking with a few questions from our bot
      2. We sort and filter all available products on Amazon
      3. You get a top 10 list generated just for you

We earn a commission fee when people find our recommendations useful and buy products they found through us. Our belief is that by providing the most reliable and relevant data you can narrow your focus quickly and save money by not overspending on features you don’t need.

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